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Blood Dragon

I think you have gone well beyond owing her anything else. Your obligations, as a father, as a (former) lover, as a (soon to be ex) husband, as a human being...you've met these. You kept the rest of the family intact (yourself, the kids, the home), you kept the kids' lives as undisturbed as possible, you kept any potential enmity between the two of you away from them, they still love their mother. She can't come back unless you change? Sir, you have ALREADY changed - into the man and father who doesn't need her, and doesn't want her, anymore. Some part of you will probably always love her. And some part of you will always miss how it was when things were good, and ignore how it was when things were bad. But you'll never forget that she left, not only you, but them. Maybe, someday, in the future, she'll heal enough to be able to consider rejoining with you - but will you heal that particular wound? You don't think so, and neither do I. I can see you becoming friends again, in time. But I can't see you ever trusting her again.

That, and Jess will beat you.

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