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Blood Dragon

Regarding The Others...

Remember: to hate, you have to CARE. It requires passion.

The opposite of love is casual indifference.

You're on the right track. When you've arrived, they'll no longer be "The Others". They'll be just more faceless unpersons that you may have to interact with now and again but who mean absolutely nothing to you in any way.

But they're still oxygen thieves (a military term that you are hereby granted permission to use freely)


I'll let you know when they've graduated to oxygen thieves.

I should say that JC approves of my classifying them as The Others.

Beyond that.

I'm glad that Mommy Dearest is losing credibility with JC. But I'm not sure what it's going to take to convince me that the danger has past. That's about the only thing that will get me to drop my guard.

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