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Blood Dragon

It's not too late to tell her. Tell her now.

And you need a break, man. Even just a day. If your wife still isn't up to taking care of everything, then perhaps one of your relatives can give an assist. But you - just you - need a day for YOU. (A day for the TWO of you is also a good idea. It's hard to get reacquainted, to rebuild the lost intimacy (Note: I'm not talking about sex), with children (or anyone else) around)


Funny you should say that. That's exactly what I did.

I am definitely in need of Will time. Perhaps the Boston trip will present something.


Oh, the many hoops I had to pass through to leave a comment.

I agree with all of the above. You need some time for YOU, and you alone. You need time to the things in life that you enjoy. You deserve that. Quality time with your wife (no kids) is important as well.

I've been on both sides...though not at all the same, they are equally frustrating, exhausting, and painful.

You have a right to your feelings. You have the right to express those feelings.

It's not fair...not to your wife, not to you, & not to your kids. Your wife has you, thankfully. Your kids have you, thankfully. You are there to give them love, support, a sense of normalcy, & nurturing. Who is there for you?

I've only gotten a glimpse into your life. So, sorry if I have brought up previously posted topics.


Sometimes we need to rehash to remind. But, yes, that's long been a question: who is there for me? Fortunately, I have several layers. My family is local (and I'm on good terms with them). Then, of course, I have my circle of friends. And, amazingly, I have work colleagues who have accepted calls on a number of occasions.

Let's face it, though, all of those circles are a step removed from spousal support. And it's been hard getting that sense back. It will take time. And trust. And me overcoming a bunch of fears related to trust.

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