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She personifies him as a bear, a very protective image.

Where it used to be me in her artwork, now he is there next to me.

Or it's just the bear.

Blood Dragon

The therapist needs to know this.
And the therapist needs to redirect her back to you.
And if he doesn't, he's either not very good or he's not very ethical.

You already know she can't beat this herself. The therapist won't be there after she gets out. You will. Even if you live in Utah.


I'll try to call him today.

I am in a very bad place right now.


OK, I'm not being replaced.

But he wasn't aware of what I was seeing (JC never mentioned moving to Utah to him).

So, all in all, good that I called.


To be super clear, the therapist said that he was seeing some transference, but that there was no countertransference.

I believe that.

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