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you're doing the right thing. this unit is YOUR family, no one else's. You and JC decide what is best for you, her, and the kids, and everyone else can ch*** on a c***. Focus inward. Don't waste your precious, limited energy on outside drama. Don't acknowledge it, don't waste a breath or a thought or a moment on it. Keep your eyes on the prize.

HUGS. <3


As usual, kat, you know what to say. Just wait for the next post, though.


Does the next post say 'i dedicated energy to people who don't deserve it'? b/c i don't want to read that post. I want to read the one that says 'i spent today nurturing myself and healing my family the best I could without focusing on someone else's drama'.

But if you can work the words 'choke on a cock' in there, I'd probably read whatever you posted.



I'm trying. And after today, I'm trying harder. I think I will revise the post to include choke on a cock. As if she's ever sucked dick.

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