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breach of constitution/ law / civil rights is an every day thing here in the UK....plus, I grew up in a dictatorship (well, two, but to me it was like a long, tedious and dangerous at the same time, fearful time in which I would sleep every other day in a different police station, no matter if it was Argentina or Brazil) so....unfortunately, I know more than well the way you are feeling....:(

hope the family and work is all going well :)

White Roses

Oh, fam and work is fine. So fine, they're not worth writing about, because it would be boring.

I'm sure you have a lot you could tell me about living in a real police state and not just the minor annoyance state that I'm describing here. So, please, don't take this as me making any kind of real comparison.

Besides, it may not matter anyway, because not one, but two separate Constitutional amendments are currently navigating their way through the elephantine digestive tract that is our Congress. The goal? To amend the Constitution such that marriage is defined as being a union between a man and a woman.

Thankfully, we've already solved all our other issues, so this is clearly a valuable use of Congress's time.

Just in case you think I'm joking, here's some links to the bills in question:

HR. 37

HR 1269


ohhh I know you aren't joking.....(will go have a look anyway)

sad, utterly sad.

and no, I know you are an intelligent being, and I do not think you are making comparisons or anything like that, I do understand that I get even more angry because I lived all that in the early 70s.....and one would expect that by now the lesson should have been learned...but, you know what I'm always saying....

I don't believe in ANY of them, because power corrupts, and I have seen brilliant people corrupted horribly...

I was actually gonna comment with you and BD....you know what Freecycle is, right?yahoo world groups, one in almost each neighborhood in almost each country where people, via emails give away or ask for stuff, the idea being keeping it from going to the land fields.....

Right, I m in a couple of groups of around here.They have another sister group, for non material things, where people post the craziest things to normal, down to earth stuff like: can someone teach me guitar? I can teach you Spanish in exchange...

well, some guy is very, VERY intense about the World Government theory, kind of in a paranoid way... so intensely that, when the moderators posted the Earth Hour day, he came back shouting to all winds that everyone should start turning on every light they have...and started giving us lots of links which (I have to admit, I got a bit scared of the idea) I stopped reading ...until I can know what people I respect and admire think about this....

Do you know about this World Government  taking over our lives, convincing us that it is for our good, when in reality is them cashing in, a very small group, including people who financed Hitler, who have been plotting for years?

(well, that is the VERY simplified version, I haven't slept and the discussion was going on in march...but he infiltrates his ideas every rime he can....)

I would be really interested in your opinion....(if you have the time, otherwise, no worries :)

White Roses

Here's pretty much everything you need to know about this whole World Government thing.


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