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[this is good] CONGRATULATIONS! That's so great! And damn, I'm envious too!

White Roses

Thanks!  I just have a lot less to be angry about now.


[isto é bom] That's great.... pleased :)I just started trying to write my thoughts down the last couple of days, mainly because in my case I want to do it to have a record for Sarita to have...so I get a bit annoyed with myself when I don't get it together...so, lately, with all those tenage changes and what life brings.... I thought I should get my act together and I did....I saw some people going from Vox, and when I saw Patricia Volonakis had gone to WordPres, and heard that many of the people of my area are there (which means I could actually reach some people I would like to, in certain types of posts, I thought about going there.... I did:didnt like the format, and the thought of starting all over again...neh.....And I came here, and it feels good.

Well, I'm pleased you are home, and I m sure the children are loving it :)

hope we ll see you at least oince in a while :)

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