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Blood Dragon

Requirements for physical presence are almost always tacked on by managerial sorts who have no technical skills, generally from fear but sometimes from a need to be "managerial" (that is, to have illusory "control", to be "proactive"... they're afraid that, if something goes wrong, someone will chew their ass for not planning ahead, or being prepared, or some other stupid accusation from a suit equally as clueless)

White Roses

Yup.  That's pretty much how it went.  With the added issue that these guys are totally not gamers at all.  In the end, we sat around doing nothing.  I packed up my PS2 and left around midnight.  Of course, I forgot to pack up my router, my power strip, and my network cables, so all of those are strangely lacking from my immediate desk area this morning.  I'd protest by withdrawing my work, but that would present significant issues, since I'd actually have to do some work in the first place.

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