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Blood Dragon

My new car has a nice jack on the front of the stereo's head unit. VERY handy. Needs better amplification, but i will do.
Before I bought the new car, I bought an FM transmitter for my micro-car. I discovered why they don't work very well around here. Mine has a switch for the frequencies. It will transmit at 107.1, .3, .5, .7, and .9, and 88.1, .3, .5, .7, and .9. Of those...only ONE did not already have a (Mexican, most of them) station broadcasting on it. Couple that with very weak transmission....happily, I did find the one freq not used, and the little transmitter had enough guts...

White Roses

The Belkin lets you set to any frequency anywhere.  It even increments in .1 MHz, so you can tune to 99.4, which your car stereo probably can't listen at.  However, even with that level of granularity, we've had nothing but trouble finding a clear frequency.  I hear there are some transmitters that find a clear station for you, some how.

Blood Dragon

Nuke China!

No, wait. Blame Canada?

That's good to know about the Belkin. Thanks.

White Roses

The wife is all about blaming Canada these days.  If she's late getting home on close days, it's because of Canada.  Seriously.

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