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Blood Dragon

[this is good] I am most impressed.
And that's rare.
Harkins gets a lot of my time and money. It's good to know it's well-spent.
Now, if only they'd open a Cine-Capri-style theater in the East Valley...

White Roses

How about at the 101/202 intersection in Tempe?  Near ASU?  Is that "East Valley" enough?  Because that's where they're putting one . . .


Blood Dragon

Ahhhh. Most excellent.
And yeah, it's "East Valley" enough.
Now, if only the Imax on my side (well, Az Mill mall...but it's more "my side" than the OTHER one) would show regular movies. Still, "Batman Begins" was worth the drive. Now, to just find the time to see "300" there...

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