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Blood Dragon

You KNOW you did.

Way different from teaching Java/Solaris to adults, no?

Teaching kids is HARD. Keeping their attention is REALLY hard.

And you relearned what we already knew (but still have to have pointed out once in a while) - if you want to really, truly understand something you think you know...
Try teaching it.

White Roses

Nobody really knows anything until they try to teach it to someone else.  This is the conclusion I have come to.  It forces you to break the process, or idea, or theory, or technique, or whatever, down to a level that the other person can understand.  And since everyone understands things in a different way, fitting what you think you know into the available slots in someone else's head is a challenge.  It makes you look at what you know differently.  And thus, gain a deeper knowledge of it.

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