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kat >>/dev/null

u need a hug.

White Roses

I do need a big hug.  Maybe when I am in San Fran in April . . .

Of course, before then, I'll be getting big hugs from Lotus and Tesla.  Though maybe not from the wife immediately, since it's the first of the month and she'll be working very veeeeeeery late because she's an accountant.

Blood Dragon

I suppose _I_ could hug you.

Once, when I was on an interminable conference call with IBM "sys admins" (who don't even know how to use vi...), I made a sign, and held it up to everyone who walked by. It said:
"Help! I'm stuck on a call with idiots from IBM!"
It caused much laughter, and more than a little sympathy.
Repeat after me:

White Roses

I have a full page in my notebook that I wrote up one day while listening to IBM excuses (there's got to be a good portmanteau for that - they're so common) which just says "IBM Sucks" in a variety of sizes.  Used a whole cartridge of ink as well.  I'm running out of pages in that notebook as well, so I'll have to start a new one, which is sad, because some days, I just need to have a goosey at that page.  Maybe I'll frame it.


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