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Blood Dragon

You know, when I said, "I don't think I need to ever see another movie", it was because I couldn't imagine another movie being any better...
As to your points...
I don't think any theater will deny entry to, or eject someone, for bringing someone who is age-inappropriate...and frankly, that's how it should be. It shouldn't be their decision.
They ARE, however, obligated to eject people who are creating a disturbance, and adversely affecting the experience and enjoyment of other audience members.
A coughing little kid, though, probably doesn't rise above whatever mark they have set.
If I started coughing (or fussing, or crying) during some adult event, my mother left (with me, duh).
Which takes me to your second point.
Hear, hear. Applause.
I don't care if they had it planned for weeks; they were WRONG. The kid's health needs to come first. They were being selfish pr*cks. And your assessment of their parental skills sounds bang-on to me.

So...how'd you like the MOVIE?
I had three favorite parts:
Queen Gorgo's response to the emissary, when he asked King Leonidas why "this female" is speaking.
Queen Gorgo's last words to her husband. Perfect example of a woman who understands honor and warriors (and her own culture).
King Leonidas' last words to Ephialtes; the insult that a large portion of the audience didn't seem to understand.

Sad part: I asked my son if he thought audience reaction meant honor might actually be making a comeback. He said, "No. It will be as rare as ever."
Hate it when he's right...

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